MyoPro for Adolescents (ages 12+)

Zeke Dees

Even if your adolescent hasn’t been able to use his or her arm since birth, MyoPro may be able to help.

MyoPro is a powered orthosis (brace) designed to restore function to arms and hands paralyzed or weakened by neurological or neuromuscular disease, injury or other condition.  In adolescents and children, this most often means cerebral palsy (CP) or brachial plexus injury (BPI).

MyoPro is a breakthrough in modern medical robotics.  Originally developed at MIT with Harvard Medical School, it works by reading the faint nerve signals (myoelectric signals) from the surface of the skin then activating small motors to move the arm and hand as the user intends.

Meet Zeke!

Zeke, now a high school senior, had a brachial plexus injury, leaving his left arm useless.  “I wanted to live a normal life, like everyone else. Having the device has changed everything for me.”


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