FAQs for Patients and Caregivers

What is a MyoPro Orthosis?

MyoPro is a powered brace for your elbows, hands, wrists -- the only such device that can help restore function to an arm and hand weakened or paralyzed by stroke, brachial plexus injury or other neuromuscular disease or injury.

MyoPro may help restore an individual’s ability to perform activities of daily living, including eating a meal, lifting and carrying objects and performing household tasks. Many can return to work, live independently and reduce their overall cost of care.


How does the device work?

MyoPro works by reading the faint nerve signals from the surface of the skin, without the need for implants or surgery, and activating small motors to move the arm and hand as the user intends. The user wearing the brace is in complete control of their own hand and arm, the device simply amplifies the weak muscle signals to help move the limb.


Who qualifies for MyoPro?

The MyoPro allows a user with arm or hand paralysis to experience movement in the time it takes to put it on.  It is the only device available that can immediately enable movement of a paralyzed hand and arm.  Training by an occupational therapist is required to achieve competence with the device.  With the MyoPro, everyday tasks such as feeding and dressing may now be done again, every day.

  • Adolescents (ages 12+), adults (ages 18+), Veterans, with neuromuscular conditions and injuries including but not limited to:


Is MyoPro covered by insurance?

MyoPro is covered by most insurance companies and the U.S. Veterans Administration.  Medicaid coverage varies by state.

Currently, purchase of MyoPro is not covered by Medicare, but we have applied for coverage and expect to have news on this in early 2019.


What is the process for obtaining a MyoPro?

Typically, a telephone conversation is first done to see if MyoPro might be right for you.

Then a physical evaluation is done by a certified clinician  During the evaluation session, an Orthotist/Prosthetist will:

  • Discuss and demonstrate the MyoPro brace and provide education regarding aspects of use
  • Ensure the MyoPro is clinically and medically appropriate for the candidate by testing upper limb muscle strength and range of motion. Other assessment areas include EMG (electromyographic) signal strength in relevant muscle groups, upper limb sensation, pain levels and anatomical measurements
  • Discuss insurance benefits, coverage and potential cost. The MyoPro-certified O&P provider will work with you to see if your device will be reimbursed by your health insurance plan.  Many payers have covered the cost of the MyoPro, including national and regional health plans, worker's compensation for job-related injuries, and the VA for qualified veterans.
  • Discuss the role and importance of occupational therapy for new MyoPro users
  • Complete all necessary evaluation paperwork

When you pass the evaluation, and if you intend to use insurance, certain paperwork must be completed and then Myomo files for pre-approval with your insurance company.  If you intend to use VA, Myomo will help guide you through that process.

The insurance approval process may take months, depending on your carrier.  After approval, you visit a Myomo qualified Orthotics and Prosthetics practice to have a cast taken of your arm so that we may custom-fit the MyoPro.

A couple of weeks later the finished custom device is ready for you. The MyoPro device will be calibrated to the user's individual muscle signal profile and minor adjustments to the MyoPro can be made to optimize comfort.


What is a screening day?

A screening day is one opportunity for this free hands-on evaluation by a certified clinician to see if MyoPro might be right for you. They are typically held at the offices of our orthotics and prosthetics or rehabilitation partners.  Find a location near you to sign up.  If a screening day date or location is not convenient for you, we will work with you to find another more convenient time and place to be evaluated.


Is the MyoPro custom made for each patient?

Each MyoPro brace is custom fabricated to each patient for optimum comfort and performance.  During the fitting process, a fiberglass molding of the patient's arm will be taken. This mold is sent off to a central fabrication facility for custom MyoPro construction.  The individual being fitted may be presented with a variety of MyoPro colors and patterns to choose from.


Should MyoPro patients plan to see a physical therapist after getting the brace configured?

It is recommended that all new MyoPro users attend Occupational therapy to develop proficiency and independence with their MyoPro. Once a therapist is trained on the MyoPro system, they can assist the user by developing a customized treatment plan that will maximize their functionality and overall success. Therapy with a MyoPro can include functional task practice, improving muscle control and coordination, learning how to put on/take off the MyoPro and how to care for it at home.


Is occupational therapy included with the MyoPro system?

No, but we will help arrange it for you.  It is typically covered by insurance.


How do I know if my therapist is trained to use the MyoPro system?

We have an extensive network of therapists trained on the MyoPro, and we are able to train another that you might prefer.


How do I order a MyoPro for myself or a family member?

The MyoPro brace is prescribed by physicians and provided solely by Orthotics & Prosthetics (O&P) professionals, who have been trained and qualified by Myomo Inc. to evaluate, mold and fit the MyoPro. To find qualified providers near you, please contact us. To get a MyoPro, a patient must first schedule an evaluation session.


How much does MyoPro cost?

MyoPro is priced and sold by individual O&P practices and is typically reimbursed by insurance.