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Myomo's mission is to enable individuals to overcome their paralysis by providing innovative, myoelectric orthotics and support services. These videos show, first hand, how the MyoPro empowers persons with a neuromuscular disability to perform functional activities at home, at work, and in the community, resulting in an improved quality of life.  Of course, results for these individuals may not necessarily be the same for you.  Check with your clinician to see if the MyoPro is right for you.

David discusses how he uses the MyoPro Motion E to increase his independence following a stroke.
Alex demonstrates how he uses his MyoPro Motion-W to get back to work following a traumatic brachial plexus injury.
Lucinda discusses how she uses her MyoPro Motion G to perform everyday tasks following a stroke.
Vince demonstrates how he uses his MyoPro Motion G to assist with activities of daily living following a stroke.
Andrew talks about how his MyoPro Motion E provided him with the motivation and freedom to move on with life following a traumatic brachial plexus injury.
Michelle talks about how her MyoPro Motion W enabled her to return to her studies as an occupational therapist following complications from brain surgery.
Jay Jay, a retired USMC veteran and stroke survivor demonstrates how the MyoPro Motion G has helped with his ability to perform important tasks around the house.

Shannon demonstrates how the MyoPro helps him with activities of daily living after he suffered a spinal cord injury.

Colt and his family discuss how the MyoPro Motion E has impacted his life following a spinal cord injury.

Trinity's reaction to receiving her approval letter for her MyoPro!

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