Even if you haven't moved your arm in years, MyoPro may be able to help.

MyoPro® is a powered brace for your arm -- the only such device that can help restore function to an arm and hand weakened or paralyzed by stroke, brachial plexus injury or other neuromuscular disease or injury. MyoPro may help restore an individual’s ability to perform activities of daily living, including feeding themselves, carrying objects and doing household tasks. Many are able to return to work, live independently and reduce their cost of care.
It works by sensing the weak muscle signals from the surface of the skin (no implants) then activating tiny motors to move your arm and hand just as you intend.

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Overland Park, Kansas - Tuesday, December 18th
Lansing, Michigan - Tuesday, December 18th
Livonia, Michigan - Wednesday, December 19th
Seattle, Washington - Wednesday, December 19th
Clinton Township, Michigan - Thursday, December 20th
Flint, Michigan - Monday, December 24th
Grand Rapids, Michigan - Thursday, December 27th
Traverse City, Michigan - Sunday, December 30th
Arlington, Texas - Thursday, January 3rd
Raleigh, North Carolina - Thursday, January 17th
Tampa, Florida - Friday, January 25th
Austin, Texas - Monday, February 4th
Arlington, Virginia - Thursday, February 7th
Houston, Texas - Friday, February 15th
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MyoPro technology was originally developed at MIT with Harvard Medical School and has been used by hundreds of patients.

It is prescribed by physicians at some of the best institutions in the country, including Massachusetts General Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Loma Linda Medical Center and VA Medical Centers across the country.
Watch this video of patients using MyoPro as well as physicians and researchers describing its benefits:

MyoPro is covered by most insurance companies and the U.S. Veterans Administration. Currently, purchase of MyoPro is not covered by Medicare, but we have applied for coverage and expect to have news on this later in 2018.