Value Proposition


  • Increases treatment options for hemiparesis in collaboration with surgery and therapy if both cannot return upper limb and hand function.
  • Enables qualifying patients to master functional tasks during therapy and then take the custom fabricated device home to increase ADLs.
  • May reduce comorbidities by increasing patient activity, normalizing gait to improve balance and safety and working key muscle groups in the upper limb.

Occupational Therapists

  • Can range the affected arm to a programmed amount both during therapy and in the home.
  • Increases quality of life by re-enabling the ability to perform functional tasks in the home.
  • May increase safety by providing support for the affected arm as well as helping to maintain balance.
  • Promotes patient use through a simplified user interface directly on the device.
  • Enables the therapist to adjust all settings through an easy to use, tablet based configuration program. Staff training is optimized for minimal impact to the therapy clinic.
  • May produce instant, visible results for the patient.

Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist

  • Necessitates a clinical patient evaluation in collaboration with the occupational therapist to identify clinically appropriate patients.
  • Requires a straightforward molding/casting process on the level required for a prosthetic, for custom fabrication of the orthosis by the manufacturer.
  • Relies on standard O&P fitting and adjustment practices as well as training by providers to ensure a positive user experience.
  • Provides the CPO with a high value treatment option for the underserved upper limb segment.


The MyoPro myoelectric orthosis can offer individuals living with a paralyzed arm the opportunity to regain function, increasing safety and quality of life in the home and reducing costs associated with comorbidities related to upper limb paralysis.

  • The MyoPro can help individuals with neuromuscular injuries regain movement and function in the affected arm, promoting user independence and well being.
  • Economic impact studies concluded that increased patient activities associated with having a prosthetic or orthosis reduced the number of hospital visits and can lower healthcare costs.
  • The optimized design and training associated with the MyoPro minimizes impact to staff time and departments workflows.

Several white papers provide a clinical and economic assessment of the MyoPro.

A Clinical and Economic Assessment of a Myoelectric Orthosis for Brachial Plexus Injury


Clinical and Economic Impact of Utilizing Myoelectric Upper Extremity Orthoses in the VA Health System


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