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Even if you haven't moved your hand and arm in years due to a neuromuscular injury or disease, it is possible the MyoPro® may be able to help you use your arm and hand again.

My Own Motion

Myomo empowers individuals with a neuromuscular condition who have lost movement in a hand and arm to perform activities of everyday life. Myomo offers the MyoPro, a myoelectric elbow/wrist/hand orthosis (powered brace) to support the weak arm and enable patients to move an impaired hand and arm again.  MyoPro is the only product of its kind for people who suffer from debilitating neurological disorders such as brachial plexus injury, brain or spinal cord injury, CVA stroke, multiple sclerosis or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

MyoPro is covered by most commercial insurance companies in the U.S., and by the U.S. Veterans Administration - click here for more information for veterans.

Myopro 2

The MyoPro powered arm brace is designed for individuals with upper limb paresis caused by a neuromuscular disorder. The MyoPro Motion G can support and move a weak hand and arm enabling users to complete a variety of functional tasks in the home and community. Some of these tasks include activities of daily living:

  • Meal preparation
  • Lifting & carrying objects
  • Pushing to stand from a seated position 
  • Balancing to increase safety 
  • Light household chores 

The MyoPro incorporates patented, non-invasive myoelectric technology into a custom fabricated, wearable powered brace that can support and move an impaired hand and arm. Sensors in the brace detect weak muscle signals which power motors to move the affected hand and arm. The user completely controls the MyoPro at all times.


"I discovered MyoPro and I discovered I can move my arm, I can move my hand again and I think people take it for granted every day.  They don’t know how it feels to not have that option.”

Lucinda, Stroke Survivor

Uses her MyoPro Motion G at work and at home for cooking, cleaning and every day living.


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